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Favourite time of the year

Winter is by far my favourite season and christmas, like a lot of people, is my favourite holiday.

What I love the most is coming home and spending it with family.. A has somehow managed to get like 35+ days off work so we’re spending all of December and some of January just twoing and frowing between his parents house and my parents house. 

This weekend we had our first mulled wine in a little tipi with a gorgeous open fire, in town. It actually was surprisingly warm in there!

Every year since we’ve been together we do the Lincoln Christmas market and I actually can’t wait – were going next weekend. Mulled wine all day then cocktails with his friends at night. 

Then the weekend after is my birthday, A’s parents are having P while we go for a long weekend. 

Now this is usually the time where A and I go on the piss, get absolutely slaughtered.. stay out till 3am and wonder why we don’t feel any better than next day. Well this time we’ve booked a little appartment/cottage in the peak District and we’re going to go for a walk on the hills and then have a pub dinner and a few drinks in the town local. I’m actually beyond excited about this! It’s something completely different to what we normal do but it means we get to spend some quality time together for once. Something I feel like we’ve been lacking these past couple of months!

AND my brother’s coming to visit!! On the 28th he comes with all the kids (he has 4)!

So much to look forward to this time of year!!! πŸ’™πŸ’š


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