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“Happy annvisary”

“Im going on tour next month”





This is just our luck. Went on a family adventure around Dortmund today.. It’s our anniversary. We’ve been married a year today and even though this has been such a tough year, I feel like what’s to come is going to be tougher. A hell of a lot tougher. 

So there I was wandering around H&M desperate to find a pair of jeans as mine have developed a croch hole.. Finally fall upon a pair just to realise in the changing rooms they make me look like I’ve gone bin bags around my legs but don’t quite do up around the middle (trying to guess what size I am is never a good idea for the self confidence haha). Anyway I come out feeling shit anyway.. To Aaron croached down next to the pram hand over his face and phone to his ear.. I know that stance and I know that face well.. Somethings happened. So I waddle over to hear him finishing up his conversation “Yes Sir.. Thank you.. Will do.. Yeah. Bye.” 

So obviously Im stood there like what the actual fuck. What’s happened!? What? And I know this sounds ridiculous but before he even said it knew what he was going to say. 

So now my husbands going away 4 months early than we initially planned for and its completely fucked everything up. 

I wanted to be settled and have P in childcare and me have a job before he went away and there’s no way that I’m going to be able to get that all sorted now and there’s no way I can stand being here on my own. So now I’m all like what was the point in moving us in the first place…?? Because now I’m probably just going to go home to my mums again. 


Just when will things go our way!?! 


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