Fudge- ing – hell

This “Charlotte’s 3 minute belly blitz” is haaaaaard.

imageI’m opting for a home workout routine. Even still, I feel like a massive twat jumping about the living room.. And I can totally understand what mothers mean when they say after birth their bladders are fucked (*near accident happened.. Cringe*)

But in all seriousness this is a good workout. I’ve seen Charlotte Crosby a few times on TV (Mainly on This Morning.. Since being on maternity its something I watch religiously). She comes across as someone who takes this all seriously and is relate-able. I mean my starting weight is 11 st.. it would be amazing if I could get to 8 1/2! Now I know I dont have heaps of money. I can’t afford a personal trainer, or have someone help with my diet. She’s not thaaaaat relate-able in the fact that during the DVD she doesn’t break a sweat, her makeup stays in place and her her hair is perfect throughout. I don’t have a ‘behind the senses team’ But this work out is something that’s still within my reach. It’s doable. And after using it a few times.. actually feels like it working and the workouts are on either normal or an easier level (opted for the easy level a few times to start with… baby steps though guys)  I’m thankful that its a home workout DVD as by the end of it I probably look like a tomato having an asthma attack – but I finished it. I put the effort in and it’s working. I think.


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