The Big F’s…

Fucking Fitness. Hate it.

Fucking Food. Love it.

I need to sort my life out and fast. I got on the scales this mid-week, after recently getting over a cold and a vomiting bug, to a horrible horrible sight.. I’ve somehow gained weight!? And a lot of it since I last weighed myself. Waaahh. After hyperventilating for a solid 5 minutes, realising I’m a fat shit.. I’ve given myself a pep talk and I’m on the diet and fitness band wagon. Hopefully.


11st 8lbs is my starting weight. I want to get to  around 10st, arounf what I should be for my height anyway and which is around my pre baby weight.

It’s not going to happen instantly. I’m not stupid. But hopefully I can get that at some point in the future. Fingers crossed.


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